it has been an…

June 7, 2009 at 2:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

odd day, not bad, just odd.

i didn’t sleep until 4 this morning, because my room was flooded by moonlight. it was strangely comforting, my moonlight-lit room, with me tangled up in the sheets, losing myself in the likes of missy higgins and jem.
for the first time in a while, i wasn’t worrying about math, or doing math, or even thinking about math.
i was just being. and that was ok.

then this morning, mum opened a bottle of wine. i’m not sure why really; i was watching tv, when suddenly she popped up with the wine, and some crystal wine glasses, and between us, we polished off that bottle of wine. while watching midsomer murders.

dad took me out for lunch at some german grill. they had the best sausages i’ve ever tasted. ever. the cook man, you know, the chef, came out to talk to us and explained how the dishes were prepared. to be honest, i wasn’t really listening because anything culinary related is not my forte, but i did learn the highly interesting fact that pork knuckles are in actuality, not pork knuckles. they’re the part of the pig’s leg that connects it to the body. yes.
i feel…smarter.

came home, and for some insane reason, watched boa vs python with the mother.
the movie was so incredibly bad, yet we sat there, entranced by the stupidity that was flooding our brains. did we make any attempt to fight it?
we embraced it, passed comments, laughed at the non-plausibility of this situation ever arising, and sat through the entire thing. after it ended, mum and i traded looks of shame, and then i took a nap.

evening tinged with the despair i have come to associate with math. maybe because i was doing math.

spent dusk dreaming in my garden, while listening to two of the prettiest, songs i’ve heard in a while – anna nalick’s breathe and concrete blonde’s make me cry.
it’s odd how strangely uplifting the most random songs are.
everytime i hear make me cry, i feel calm and safe, the exact feeling i get when my room is freezing and i know it’s freezing but i don’t feel a thing because i’m wrapped up in 3 blankets.
make me cry is like a cup of hot chocolate in the winter.
yeah, i think that’s the best way to describe it.

lots of people talking at me,
tell me what is right,
and lately I just don’t know what to do
ah, the only thing that matters is
if you’re with me at night,
everything’s all right when i’m with you

– make me cry –


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