meet yoko

June 17, 2009 at 10:08 am (afs, new buy, photography)

this is my 100th post, so i feel like i should say/do something significant…like post the very first picture i took with yoko, my polaroid camera. unfortunately, i don’t know how to use my scanner, and shame on you anyways if you expected differently.
however, here is a picture of yoko itself:

heeeee, i like, i like. i have this unnatural love of polaroid cameras. i think this started way back when i was 8 and we went on the circus and this man, who was doused in glitter took my picture on an elephant with a polaroid camera.
i do love my digital cam, but yoko is reassuringly bulky and ginourmous, and so much fun. i’ve been running around randomly snapping shots, mostly of monty, not toma, because toma is incredibly grouchy.

last day of kl interviews, and it was the best. everyone got really involved, and that made everything so much better. also i learned that everyone is obsessed with japan.


selangor interviews need help, but seksyen 6 in shah alam is so bloody far away, and i can’t find a map there.
even the shah alam domino’s people don’t know where seksyen 6 is. that’s how obscure the place is.



  1. hannahble said,

    babe,if seksyen 6 is obscure.imagine living in SEKSYEN 33!there is no (im not lying) taxis OR buses passing by my area,AT ALL.

    p/s:what interviews btw?(jepa kiasu mode on)

    • insomniahenceinsanity said,

      i don’t want to imagine! i finally got the directions there (from a domino’s outlet yo). these are afs interviews – why? you want to go for jepa all over again? haha. eh, jit punya play this saturday – you going?

  2. hannahble said,

    no money:( sorry la jit.but are you going for urbanscapes?you can meet The Fridays!lol.

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