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July 6, 2009 at 3:33 pm (college, music)

as of today, i have officially been in college for a year. in theory, a year is a long time. funny though, it doesnt feel all that long. i remember this time last year. i was full of missing, feeling a little misplaced, not really sure whether i wanted to be here, or in oregon. i still remember what music i was listening to on my ipod at that time – we the kings. i guess i was trying to hold on to whatever i could that tied me to myrtle creek.
fast forward a year. westlife is blaring while i sip coffee and navigate my way through the morning traffic. it’s routine, familiar, and for some reason, i like it.
catching the help bus, walking to kpd e, checking the posted schedule because of course, i haven’t memorized it – i’m not even thinking as i do all this.  college is college; same arctic temperatures and odd smelling classrooms, just different people. i kinda miss a52. kinda. certain people.

monday morning math class. amazing. i think that whoever planned our timetable was resolved on making us as misraeble as possible, and i want to seek this person out and say, ‘job well done. no, really. mission accomplished.’ sigh. i’m exaggerating. a little. it’s not all that bad, and in a week probably, i won’t even care anymore.
so, yes, math. she said, ‘this term, you have two papers. make sure you get your books,’ and just like that, we were welcomed to the third semester.
lit was better, because we’re discussing ‘the kite runner’, an intensely amazing piece of literature. i put off reading it because i knew we were doing it for lit, and i figured that eventually i’d get to it anyways. mistake.
i can’t believe i waited so long to read it. it’s so, so, so good. better than chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a rainy day. yes, that good.
bio, we just did a review of everything to come.
and so ended the first day of the second year of college.

i had three cups of milo. i don’t think this is healthy. why do i have such an addictive personality?


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