public enemies

July 11, 2009 at 2:56 pm (movies)

public enemies is my new definition of boring. seriously. i was sooo pumped for this movie initially. why? johnny depp! christian bale (who incidentally, i share a birthday with. aquarians of the world, UNITE!) and of course, CHANNING TATUM!
with a cast like that, you’d think that they could do no wrong.
except, well, apparently you can.

the thing is, their actual stories, ‘their’ being dillinger and purvis (what an unfortunate surname. my symphaties) are actually quite fascinating. somehow though, it didn’t quite translate on the big screen.

also, it irked me that channing tatum, who is every type of good looking, appeared for only 15 seconds. he ran, he got shot, he died. 15 seconds. like thats supposed to do him justice. i sat there in a state of half-shock, convinced he’d be ressurected or something.
nope. he stayed dead.

so, all in all, this isn’t one of johnny’s best, though you know, the man is still my hero. so excited for alice in wonderland.

next up is fighting, where channing tatum will at the very least, appear for 2 hours.
now, that’s how you make a movie amazing. take notes, michael mann.


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