’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

July 23, 2009 at 3:19 pm (beverages, coversations, music)

i think that there should be more days like this.

a lazy two hours spent trading ideas and philosophies regarding religion, dreams, and people with a good friend, over milkshakes.
later, while caught in the rush hour traffic (which is a lie, because there is no ‘rush’ in rush hour. stagnant would be a better word.) i listen to nada surf’s ‘if you leave’, and smile over all the anecdotes exchanged.

it’s refreshing to not be stressed, or tired, or rushed for time.
it’s nice to just be.

in other news, the braces are gone (yay!) and i fell down a couple of stairs (boo!) the two events are not related, by the way. just thought i’d clear that up.
my left leg’s so swollen now, i’ve almost convinced myself that i have elephantiasis.
how attractive.


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