August 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm (books, movies)

just watched the most inspiring movie in a long time, called ‘freedom writers’.

i heard about this movie before, in brit lit all the way back in america, but i never really cared. it was just one more movie. but then today, i was channel surfing, and it was showing, and i thought ‘why not?’
i was so engrossed in the movie, i neglected to eat dinner. and dinner was good.
this movie is just so refreshing, but not in a way that you absolutely cannot relate to it. it’s positive, but realistic.
it makes me believe.
i want the book.

speaking of books, recently, i’ve found myself becoming more and more interested in travelogues.
favourite writer thus far would definitely be bill bryson. his first book i read, ‘the lost continent’ is about small town america, and was given to me by mum’s friend after my return from, well, small town america.
it’s brilliantly funny.
bryson writes so well, and reading his writing just made me want to hop into a beat up chevrolet (black, preferrably) and drive all across america for my own small town adventure.
anyways, today i got another one of his books, ‘neither here nor there’, which is about his travels in europe. i’m only on chapter 6 – belgium – but i already feel the itch to drop everything, and make my way to hammerfest to see the northern lights.
this will happen someday.

good round up to a good week.

i’ve been enjoying a rare, quiet saturday. rolled out of bed somewhere around noon, more out of necessity than want.
i’ve spent the entire time since then curled up in various locations in the house, just reading, usually with a cup of iced milo.

unexpected phone call today made me smile. i have missed you.



  1. Darren said,

    i like bill bryson too 🙂 read his ‘a short history of nearly everything’, which is basically his storied version of natural history and science. not that it should put you off… it had me feeling extremely awed of the world and universe; not to mention it’s quite funny ;D

    btw, i know this is the third time i’m asking you, and i don’t want to sound gratingly annoying nor desperate for company… but when are we meeting up??

  2. insomniahenceinsanity said,

    mooo, i’ve read that book. it’s so good! this thursday, wanna come with me and clem for lunch? at ikea? say..around 11? i can pick you up from the station =) let me know!

  3. Darren said,

    great! i’m in 😀 and yes, u can pick me up from the stn 🙂

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