August 2, 2009 at 2:04 pm (coversations, drama)

i emo right now.

in a manner that was downright cruel, my mother threw out all our drinking mugs >: (
this happens easily once a year. she’ll suddenly decide that all our mugs are ugly, and unsanitary, and she’ll throw them away. it is incredibly traumatising, because i am very attached to my mugs. almost as attached as i am to my stuffed toys.
last year, she tried to throw away my pig mug, but i cottoned on and hid it away for a week, until she forgot all about project destroy cheryl’s life throw away old mugs. so in that way, awesomely ugly pig mug set a new two year record in our house.
this year however, she was so sneaky about it. she waited till we were in public, before announcing that i should choose new mugs because she threw all the old ones away. and she did this while i was sleeping!
that’s really cold, mum.
of course i had no choice  but to mutely look miserable, though i would have very much liked to throw a grade a tantrum.
i got my own back though, by resolutely ignoring all the flower motive mugs my mother picked out, and instead choosing the ugliest mugs possible, in this case, one with severely ugly cartoon cats on them.
yes, i like my mugs ugly, just like my stuffed toys, though this does not apply to boys.
just saying.

when i got home, i offered to throw the mag containing the mugs into the rubbish disposal (in hopes of saving pig mug) but my mum said she’d do it.
‘is it because you don’t want me stealing my mug?’ – me, all crestfallen.
‘no. because you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’ll probably end up hurting yourself. and we’re all out of plasters.’
>: (
i am not that clumsy. i mean, ok, to be fair, i do have the coordination of a garden gnome who’s just been grabbed by it’s ankles and lassoed over a field, but still.
just as i was feeling all indignant over that comment, i fell down the stairs.
my life is a PARODY. a JOKE. a COMIC TRAGEDY. sigh.

i am drinking coffee right now, and it’s not out of my pig mug, and i am sad. the ugly cats only make me feel slightly better.
oh, and my mum bought me toblerone, because i’m five years old. also, i have an ugly bruise on my shin.

sifat-sifat seperti inilah yang akan membantu saya mendapatkan jejaka idaman.

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