August 4, 2009 at 2:40 pm (music)

desperation and dedication (not to mention sneaking off to the comp lab in between classes) has paid off.


eeeeeeee, so excited.

the line up features:

the all american rejects

boys like girls ( i don’t care what charlie says, martin johnson – i forgive you the spitting. as long as you promise never to do it again. i can’t take repeat offenders. and i read about how you want a pot-bellied pig too. we should discuss these pet pig dreams in detail someday.)

repping malaysia, yo. ok, i will ditch my dreams of being ghetto, because i fail.

which, you know, i think is a really cool name. or not. i can’t actually decide. damn you fickleness.

these guys are legendary! i never thought i’d see them in consert! IN FACT, I AM GOING TO USE CAPS RIGHT NOW JUST TO SHOW HOW EXCITED I AM. and to annoy people. because people get annoyed by constant switching between upper and lower cases. i am one of these people. small tip? DOn’T TyPE liKe ThIs. and that is my public awareness message of the month.

pixie lott
ok, i’ll be honest here. i hadn’t heard of her till news of mtv world stage started flitting about. but i’m sure she’s great. she’s a good addition to the lineup. also, did i mention that kasabian will be there?


ditto what i said about pixie lott. i looked them up on youtube though (after watching charlie the unicorn for the 2,000,000th time) and they’re pretty alright.




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  1. Gin said,

    i am going to miss kasabian because i will be halfway across the world. FML. and i have all the albums on my playlist T_T FMLx2

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