August 20, 2009 at 3:36 pm (friends, personal)

i should blog about our awesome malacca trip, but i’m so tired. and also, everyone else has the pictures. (i know, i know. that excuse is getting old. i should just go ahead and get myself a new camera. noted)

so, i came home, and i was so full of nervous energy, i cleaned out my drawers – all 6 of them. and while doing that, i found a hardcover brown book with roses traced out all over the cover, and golden pages.

my oregon diary.
how could i have forgotten all about it?

so, yes, i was flipping through it, and i got all the way to the last entry. and for some inane reason, i feel like sharing part of it here. this isn’t prompted by anything. i just want to.

one thing about being an exchange student – you lose all sense of time. on the plane heading to washington dc now. i hate this part. it’s like the beginning of the end, and i just want it to end already. i’m so sick of goodbyes, and i don’t want anymore hellos.’

why am i posting this?

i don’t know. it just felt right.

OH. have you met my talented friend? i meant to do this ages ago but ehhh, i forgot.


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