August 26, 2009 at 6:44 am (Uncategorized)

i am hungry.

rolled out of bed somewhere around noon today, talked to hannah, watched tv, laughed at  some posts on, and rolled back into bed.
lazy? yes
unproductive? yes
regrettable? nope.
i have spent the past 2 weeks of holidays doing things; uni applications, afs camp, math, bio, literature.
of course there were also the fun stuff like mtv world stage, malacca trip, countless yum cha sessions and the like, but never was there a day where i did absolutely nothing.

and so i decided that today is that day. i’m going over my planner, and i realised that never again will an opportunity for a day like this come up again – not anytime soon.

so today, i will revel in laziness, and non-productivity. i will reread good books, and watch stupid shows. i i will chug snapple and spend a majority of my time wrapped in a comfy blanket.

my day is going to be awesome.

and i think that’s the mcdonalds delivery guy at the gate. toodles!

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