October 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm (college, coversations)

i have a new camera! hence my renewed interest in blogging! i am so excited!
it’s a lovely silver contraption, named ‘iris’. i spent the better part of last night figuring out all its functions. i think it’s my favourite camera so far.

SAM_3876lit got cancelled, and so i resolved to use the extra time to revise math, because we all know how much i love math.


 instead, i spent the entire three hours puzzling over crossword puzzles. the new york times puzzles are so cryptic! i knew the answer to ‘cher’s former singing partner’ though.
i feel vaguely accomplished.

paying very close attention in math, because we love math. i cannot seem to stress this enough.

there is this ongoing joke about sna and her ‘snexy snalsa’. this is only encouraged by her mexican man face, as shown in the picture above. i was very tempted to photoshop a moustache and a sombrero onto this picture, but i am tired, and i’m sure you can all envision it anyways.

i am slowly getting used to spanish tuesdays and thursdays. granted i could go home during the three hour breaks, but staying back is just so much more productive. not only do i get a ton of studying done, but i make odd discoveries. like this library table which i have christened the ‘inspiration table’:

i especially like the one on the bottom right that reads, ‘do not GO through life, but GROW through life’.

spanish is so much fun. harder, but more fun. ladis is constantly interjecting, “hablamos espanol!” every ten minutes or so, and we’re always going off on tangent about all things spain related. like how the colour green in spain has sex connotations, kinda like our blue movies. except green movies over there aren’t porn; they’re erotica.
and then we got into a debate on whether or not a funeral was a celebration, with some arguing that it was a celebration of life. ladis sagely concluded saying, “well, some people should be dead, no?”

i love spanish classes, even though because of it, i come home late, exhausted, and starving.

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October 9, 2009 at 7:20 am (books)

sometimes, you don’t realise how much you’ve truly missed a person until he’s sitting right next to you, and you’re both watching lizards chase each other  on the opposite wall.

. . .

i have not lost my drive to blog. just been insanely busy with a plethora of events; raya, followed by camp (which was a success btdubs!) last week, law quiz today and my sat subject tests tomorrow! 
will get back to mugging in a bit, just needed a 5 minute break.

yesterday, we went to the penguin and pearson book sale, and now i am destitute, but happy.
i picked up roald dahl’s ‘going solo’, john green’s ‘an abundance of katherines’ ( i LOVE this book and i really just wanted a copy of my own), gabriel garcia marquez’s collected stories, and rudyard kipling’s ‘just so stories’.
so far, i’ve started on kipling, and his short stories are amazing. i’ve always liked ‘jungle book’, but his short stories are the best. they’re just so amusing, and intelligent. i’m only halfway through, but right now my favourite would be ‘how the leopard got his spots’.

will do a camp post as soon as all my tests are over, because it really does deserve a nice long post.

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