November 27, 2009 at 6:42 am (Uncategorized)

just so everyone knows, i am so done with this blog. i don’t know, i have no loyalty or attachment really to my blogs, which is why i think i can abandon it so easily in favour of starting a new one.

however, xanga is broken right now, and i need to write for a bit before going back to stats because otherwise, i’ll lose my mind.

i feel like the sunshiney weather is mocking me. it’s such a perfect day for a pickinicking, and bubble blowing, and water balloon fights, or in fact, its perfect for being lazy in bed with a good book.
instead, i am slaving away at stats. and to shake things up a little, keep it exciting you know – i switch to bio or literature.
: ( dislike. really, truly and madly dislike.

yesterday on the way to the big bad wolf sale (mildly interesting selection but the 5000 people or so present was such a put off), we pinky promised, fingers interlocked, and a shared secret.

it took me back to another pinky promise.
on our backs atop an old white datsun, our facial features indistinguishable in the twilight, we made promises. never forever and always though, because we both knew it was impossible, but important promises nonetheless.
i remember your ugly camo jacket, that smelled exactly like you, and how it used to just hang off me. your 6 foot 2 frame was after all the best fit.
i remember coffee, and the way we drank it indiscrimanately, whenever and wherever we felt like it.
i’m still like that. are you too?
i remember deserted roads, and midnight pizza, and never worrying because you took care of everything, including me.
i remember the last hug, and the last words, and how the first time i talked about them to someone else, it stung.

i miss you all of a sudden. i miss how dorky you were, and how i could never be serious around you. i miss how easy things used to be, back when i was sunshine and you were The Man.

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