October 9, 2009 at 7:20 am (books)

sometimes, you don’t realise how much you’ve truly missed a person until he’s sitting right next to you, and you’re both watching lizards chase each other  on the opposite wall.

. . .

i have not lost my drive to blog. just been insanely busy with a plethora of events; raya, followed by camp (which was a success btdubs!) last week, law quiz today and my sat subject tests tomorrow! 
will get back to mugging in a bit, just needed a 5 minute break.

yesterday, we went to the penguin and pearson book sale, and now i am destitute, but happy.
i picked up roald dahl’s ‘going solo’, john green’s ‘an abundance of katherines’ ( i LOVE this book and i really just wanted a copy of my own), gabriel garcia marquez’s collected stories, and rudyard kipling’s ‘just so stories’.
so far, i’ve started on kipling, and his short stories are amazing. i’ve always liked ‘jungle book’, but his short stories are the best. they’re just so amusing, and intelligent. i’m only halfway through, but right now my favourite would be ‘how the leopard got his spots’.

will do a camp post as soon as all my tests are over, because it really does deserve a nice long post.

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September 7, 2009 at 3:41 pm (books, college, mlia, movies)

busy with college, and uni apps, and scholarship apps, and afs. i am seriously considering doing a weekly blog post, and now that i have typed that out, i’ll probably be blogging everyday, just because i’m contradictory like that.

it’s september. already. isn’t that insane? and i know, i am aware, of how ridiculous i sound when i say that, but doesn’t anyone else get the feeling that time is moving just that teensy bit faster? i was watching a video on youtube the other day, where the video was sped up for comedic effect, and that’s exactly how i feel my life is right now, except the effect isn’t so much comedic, as it is stressful and tiring.

but i have good friends, and a fridge full of red bull. i can handle this.

did you enjoy this movie as much as i did? i was so happy after watching this movie, and that dum dee dum feeling lasted all the way through inane bio practical. now, thats what i call a powerful source of happy.

favouritest character. i think dug had some of the best lines in the show, and my absolute favourite part is when carl opens the door, and dug says, ‘i was hiding under the porch because i love you.’
i think i melted into a puddle of aww.

good, good movie. a good pick me up when you’re bogged down by college stress.

also, i read:

its a pretty awesome book. i actually watched the movie a while back (didn’t realise that it was based on a book. how lame of me) and the book and the movie actually differed a little. i didn’t like that stanley in the movie (played by shiathemotherlover) was not a fat kid. i thought that part was pretty integral to the storyline. zero, however, i approved off.


and now it’s back to stats. my life is soooooo exciting.

OH WAIT, WAIT! i wanted to start doing this.

yesterday, my mother and i were arguing about who would get the smallest piece of chicken. while she was making her point, i popped it into my mouth. i win. MLIA.

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August 21, 2009 at 5:16 pm (books, dog, music)

i don’t think i’ll be getting any sleep tonight. reason? i just stumbled onto the greatest website in a while.  click click click for endless giggles!


it’s like fmylife, but way better. i promise you that you will not regret it. my favourite one so far:
Today, my teacher asked my class to raise their hand if they were lazy. I was the only one who didn’t raise their hand. When asked why, I said I was too lazy. He laughed and gave me extra credit. I have a newly found respect for him. MLIA

sooooo, yes. i am sitting here, going through the archives of this awesome site, while having a eminem-a-thon. yes, i do like eminem. a whole lot, actually. i mean, his prevalent vulgarity aside, the man’s rapping is genius. and funny. at least, i find it funny. i think my favourite rap by him is either ‘lose yourself’ or…no, it’s ‘lose yourself’ for sure.

i have spent my entire (and you think when i say entire, i’m exaggerating, but no, really. i mean entire) day reading king dork. it’s such a good book! good books make me so happy. speaking of good books, there will be a bookfest from tomorrow onwards at the kl convention centre. be excited. i know i am.

today on facebook, someone left a completely inane comment on a wall post of mine. it made no sense, and it still doesn’t, but i refuse to reply because my replying might lead to furthur exchanges with said person. and i don’t want that. yeah, yeah, i’m mean. whatever.

keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrrow!

sorry, completely pointless post. have a picture as an apology.

Picture 017
isn’t he adorable?


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August 18, 2009 at 3:55 am (afs, beverages, books, photography)

if you haven’t read this book already,

please go ahead, and do. it’s a brilliant book. simple, yet powerful. then, watch the movie. it will break your heart, yes, but watch it. history terrifies me sometimes, because i always wonder if there’s really anything thats stopping us from doing it all over again.

last sunday was the afs alumni reunion at jalan maarof. did you know that yasmin yusof was an exchange student?
we also had yummy cupcakes.
6416_1204316994716_1432367965_30567333_5315176_nstolen from aleks the italian, who has bright blue shoes, which i am mesemerized by.
it was supposed to end at 8.30, but in typical afs fashion, we can never say goodbye,  so we all headed over to nirwana for banana leaf and milo and baskin robbins.


this is my new favourite top. and that is my all time favourite drink. and yes, i do have a nose piercing. i’ve had it since i was 17. how observant of all of you.

ok, must go now and try and squeeze in some king dork reading time before my afs meeting.

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August 10, 2009 at 3:03 pm (afs, books, holidays, movies, music, volunteer)

my poor neglected blog. and it’s not even due to writer’s block, which you know, is a credible excuse of sorts. i just haven’t had time. so, i’m going to do that annoying thing i always do where one post will cover like 4 days. yes, it’s going to be a long one. or maybe a short one. we’ll see how it goes as i type.

last friday was the perfect way to end college. we watched ‘the pianist’ during lit, and somehow managed to carry on watching it throughout law as well. it’s a brilliant movie, excellant dialogue, but very, very painful to watch. it’s set during world war 1, and it’s very graphic and unreserved. adrien brody was amazing. oscar totally deserved  if you ask me.
i think the maintenance man hates us now, though. he was lurking outside, waiting to take the tv away, jangling his keys l0udly. and we ignored him. shamelessly. and lied to him about how much longer the movie was. ok, that was ‘sna, not the rest of us. but still.

watch. but not if you want to be in a happy happy joy joy kind of mood.
‘sometimes i don’t know which side of the wall i’m on.’

saturday and sunday were selection camp days. it’s so weird, being on the side. at the same time, the whole thing was just so nostalgic. we had been there before – for the exact same reason. but that was nearly two years ago, and that’s what really blows my mind. two years?! has it really been two years? and all of a sudden, i miss everyone. sherrilyn, and maryanne, and joe and faiz, and the way we all were, and how close we used to be. everyone’s everywhere now. and it’s all just memories. thats what we’re reduced to. fragmented memories.
camp was fun. some of these kids are so talented, and beyond smart. i am amazed. i genuinely enjoyed just hanging out with these people.
and of course, my fellow volunteers were loads of laughs. midnight anw vist, and sneaky chit chat – i loved it all. was exhausted at the end of it, running on maybe 3 hours of sleep, but it was well worth it.
i am  looking forward to pre-departure camp!

monday was good. monday was beyond awesome. monday did not start with an 8 a.m. math class.
instead, i headed off to 1 utama with pia to catch ‘the proposal’. ice cream for lunch is the way to go (says the tastebuds, not the wasteline). orange sherbet is so awesome. why have i not been exposed to this awesomeness before?
somehow, i’m nnot quite sure how, but i ended up buying the the last copy of ‘king dork’ from mph, and this pretty pretty vintage looking aquamarine ring from bonita. it was on sale! and i think it might just be a teensy bit magical. 
‘the proposal’ is funny. a bit of a stretch on how they so quicky fell for each other ( 3 days in alaska? alaska must be an enzyme for relationships, you know, it speeds up the reactions?. see that? i made a bio funny)  but ryan reynolds is yummy. and sandra bullock is awesome. and the dialogue is witty.
go watch it. and laugh at reynolds’ facial expressions.
and sigh over kevin the dog.

and then i came home, to find the most EXCITING message in my facebook inbox!

Hi Cheryl,
Congratulations, we deemed your Boys Like Girls question worthy enough to be asked in person.

1) The Boys Like Girls album listening party is tomorrow at Coco Banana. Time is tentatively around 12pm/1pm. Attendance is optional.
2) The meet & greet is on Wednesday.

Please reply with your contact info and whether you will be free to attend the listening party and the meet & greet as soon as you can.


i should explain. sometime last week, junk was having this contest asking readers to tell them the ultimate question they would pose to boys like girls. and my winning question was ‘your last day on earth; how would you spend it?’
and so, those 10 words won me a meet & greet with boys like girls. I AM SO PSYCHED, BECAUSE I LOVE MARTIN JOHNSON. not in the he’s so hot i want his body way, but more in a platonic way. his blog is amusing. and he wants a pot bellied pig. and we all know how i want a pot bellied pig.
we’re fated bffs, methinks.

it’s been such an amazing couple of days.

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August 1, 2009 at 3:15 pm (books, movies)

just watched the most inspiring movie in a long time, called ‘freedom writers’.

i heard about this movie before, in brit lit all the way back in america, but i never really cared. it was just one more movie. but then today, i was channel surfing, and it was showing, and i thought ‘why not?’
i was so engrossed in the movie, i neglected to eat dinner. and dinner was good.
this movie is just so refreshing, but not in a way that you absolutely cannot relate to it. it’s positive, but realistic.
it makes me believe.
i want the book.

speaking of books, recently, i’ve found myself becoming more and more interested in travelogues.
favourite writer thus far would definitely be bill bryson. his first book i read, ‘the lost continent’ is about small town america, and was given to me by mum’s friend after my return from, well, small town america.
it’s brilliantly funny.
bryson writes so well, and reading his writing just made me want to hop into a beat up chevrolet (black, preferrably) and drive all across america for my own small town adventure.
anyways, today i got another one of his books, ‘neither here nor there’, which is about his travels in europe. i’m only on chapter 6 – belgium – but i already feel the itch to drop everything, and make my way to hammerfest to see the northern lights.
this will happen someday.

good round up to a good week.

i’ve been enjoying a rare, quiet saturday. rolled out of bed somewhere around noon, more out of necessity than want.
i’ve spent the entire time since then curled up in various locations in the house, just reading, usually with a cup of iced milo.

unexpected phone call today made me smile. i have missed you.

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silver red bull for the win

July 22, 2009 at 3:53 pm (beverages, books, coversations, food, friends, music)

i suppose it was inevitable. or at least, thats what everyone tells me.
on the way to college, i hit the car in front of me. first accident since procuring my license in 2007. the honda accord was slightly scraped, and my own myvi looked like baby wolverine attacked it’s side.
the other driver was very gracious as we exchanged information, and discussed repairs. he shrugged off making a police report, maintaining that as long as i paid for the repair, it really didn’t matter to him.
i was grateful, not then, but later on – once i’d gotten over the initial shock.
calling the madre was the worst, simply because i just didn’t know how she’d react. i managed to choke out the fact that i’d been in a minor accident, and she said, ‘it’s ok. breathe. i’ll take care of it.’
i am generally very independant. i was raised to be. but sometimes, sometimes, it’s just so good to relax and let my mother sort things out. and somehow, she has this way of knowing just when to step in and when to back off.
long story short, the repairs came up to about rm 200, and i’m just grateful it’s not more.

i was so upset in college, not so much about the damage, because there wasn’t much, but just the whole aftermath of being involved in a accident, and even worse, being the guilty party.
which is why, when he texted ‘can i call?’ in the middle of law, i decided that i really needed to hear his calming best friend voice, instead of hearing my law lecturer talk about insanity.
‘it’s ok to be shaken, but just know, it happens to everyone. look on the bright side, the other driver didn’t hit you on the head with a beer bottle.’
‘who did that happen to?’
‘nobody. but you know, it could have.’
thank you for always being just a text away.

a plate of hot maggi mee goreng tambah pedas and an extra chocolatey iced milo later, and i’m all chirpy again.
oh, the joys of nourishment.

and for the first time today, i tried the silver red bull. omfg, why has no one ever told me how good it is? it’s my new favourite drink after coffee, and snapple, and vitamin water and gatorade, but before 100 plus activ and slurpee.
i should really read the label on drinks before downing them though, because i had the last sip at 11.30, and couped with my insomnia, i’m probably only going to get an hour of sleep tonight.
way to be.

it’s not so bad though. i have hans christian andersen’s complete fairy tales to flip through. there’s nothing like curling up in bed in a freezing room, wrapped up in two blankets, with a  good book. in fact, that sounds so good, i’m going to go do that right away.


p.s. listening to boys like girls cover of frou frou’s let go. it’s such a beautiful song. and they do it justice.

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it’s so amazing here
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.

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July 1, 2009 at 11:19 am (books, college, food, holidays)

just so everyone knows, i’m considering uprooting my entire life and moving to malacca, which of course will never happen, because i love the city and i am too lazy to make any change of that magnitude in my life at the moment, but still, it’s nice to pretend.

malacca was brilliant, the best excuse i’ve had to be my inherently lazy self.
we went there to visit mum’s distant cousin (something along the lines of thrice removed, i believe) who’s recently gotten out of hospital. yes, she’s fine. no, there’s no reason to worry. both mum and i were just itching to be out of the city for a bit, and malacca seemed as good a place as any.

after 2 hours of non-stop driving, and singing along to westlife’s no. 1 hits, we ended up in good old klebang, a place that 6 year old me loved very much.
when i was younger, we went to malacca a lot. the klebang of my childhood was pretty and refreshing, a sleepy little town away from the constant noise that is kula lumpur.
klebang has changed quite a bit now. not so sleepy anymore. and the beach…the condition of the beach saddens me. the government has started reclaiming land there to buid a coastal highway to port dickson, and a recreational park, and probably a dozen other pointless things. and just like that, the pretty beach of my childhood is gone.
what a bloody waste.

however, i was delighted to find out that a stable had opened there. the stable housed about 12 horses, and 2 ponies. it was awesome. a gangly foal ran around, nervously pacing the ground everytime someone approached it.
i rode this horse named samudera for quite a bit. he belonged to a datuk, who happened to be there while i was, and was very gracious and friendly. he even invited me back to ride samudera anytime.
also, i befriended one of the stable guys, this old man who’s lived in malacca since 1511 probably. he seemed to know everyone there. gave us complete histories even (“this house used to belong to david, but then his father died and he sold it to that proud lawyer…”). we had a very in depth discussion about tattoos (sidenote: tattoos help you make friends. seriously. somone should put this down in a self-help book)

oh, and i tried fried chicken intestines in this one famous shop in malacca. it was like twisty crispy keropok. i am never eating it again. it’s not that it tasted bad..i just don’t relish the thought of popping intestines in my mouth.

what else did i do? mmmmm, visited pasar malam and bought a ton of fruits and bubble tea. durian season is now, yo!
went back home, and finished ‘the life of pi’ – it’s such a brilliant book.
stayed up late watching ‘the nanny’ re-runs. slept in, woke up, came home to kl, and just as i got home, i received a text from afifah, saying ‘shit! awful timetable! go check it out!’


college timetable is not cool this term. really, really not cool.
i start monday morning with my least favourite subject. and on thursday, we have a four hour break between subjects.

eeeee. not happy.

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first day of freedom

June 12, 2009 at 3:12 am (being organized, books, holidays, music)

this morning, for the first time in a while, my alarm did not wake me up at 7 a.m.
i did not have to drag myself out of bed, only to have a day full of studying to look forward to.
i did not only get three hours of sleep as usual because i was making nice with trigo.
instead, i slept at 3, because i was completely absorbed in drowned wednesday by garth nix. i woke up at 8, and happily went back to sleep, only to wake up an hour later because my system doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of sleeping in.
i’ve watched amazing race, csi, and right now, i’m watching the nba finals.

anyways, i have compiled a to-do list, to be completed before july 7th, which is when go back to usual rigours of college life. this list is to prevent me from becoming a complete slug.

to-do list:

1) reading! finish christopher paolini’s brisingr(which i’ve been putting off for  months), hawthorne’s the scarlet letter, dumas’s the three musketeers, stoker’s dracula, andersen’s the complete fairy tales, nix’s sir thursday, larkin’s whitsun weddings and hosseini’s the kite runner

2) complete a 1000 piece puzzle (w/ charlie)

3) bake (w/charlie)

4) learn how to play guitar. or at least, how to make acceptable, non – earbleeding inducing sounds. but first, charlie must tune my guitar

5) new series’! i’m thinking big bang theory, numb3rs, and leverage

6) volunteer at paws/spca/zoo 

7) go on a gnome hunt (w/charlie)

8) sleepover with alyssa!

9) afs interviews/ afs alumni camp

10) maybe get a job. maybe

11) genting/langkawi holiday

12) lunch/dinner with people i have shamelessly neglected

13) new music new music new music

14) picnic. themed picnic. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN

15) review next term’s work. seriously. i’d really rather not be overwhelmed

16) spend one whole day in midvalley, so that i will finally know where everything is, and therefore not have to resort to calling people, whining about how i’m lost

17) pimp my pool skills. try to not suck so much at bowling

i’m sure there are things that i have forgotten, but i will add them to the list as i see fit.
must go find some sort of breakfast at this hour. there is no food in my house. meeh.

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