we ate for charity 2

July 5, 2009 at 2:56 pm (charity, food, volunteer)

it’s been such a crazy couple of days. friday, au and i left for guilt-free genting, which i am not going to blog about, because genting is, and this is going to sound insane but that’s ok, genting’s sacred right now. it was the perfect antidote to everything, and i feel like exposing the details of that 2 day 1 night trip to anyone else will spoil the memory.
i might post the pictures, once i have begged/blackmailed them from alyssa.

today was the eat all you can durian festival which served as a fundraiser for the children’s wish society of malaysia. they’re basically the equivalent of the make a wish foundation in america, and they do some really good work.
anyways, i was volunteering there today.
the event was held at subang parade, and involved some 4 tonnes of durians, which were gone in slightly over an hour.
the crowd was insane. entire families showed up to shovel down durian, and really, i didn’t know anyone could eat that much durian. i mean, i like durian, but not enough to eat up to 7 fruits.
as usual, there was a fair share of unpleasant people, who took to yelling at us when the durians ran out, when they couldn’t open the durians, when there was no place to sit, when we wouldn’t let them put the durians on the games table; basically we got yelled at for everything.
i responded each time with a maniacal grin, which probably pissed them off, but oh well. this is me drowning in anguish over my impertinence.


back to college tomorrow. how exciting.

things aren’t exactly back to normal, but i know at least, that we’re making some headway. that’s better than nothing, right?

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