October 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm (college, coversations)

i have a new camera! hence my renewed interest in blogging! i am so excited!
it’s a lovely silver contraption, named ‘iris’. i spent the better part of last night figuring out all its functions. i think it’s my favourite camera so far.

SAM_3876lit got cancelled, and so i resolved to use the extra time to revise math, because we all know how much i love math.


 instead, i spent the entire three hours puzzling over crossword puzzles. the new york times puzzles are so cryptic! i knew the answer to ‘cher’s former singing partner’ though.
i feel vaguely accomplished.

paying very close attention in math, because we love math. i cannot seem to stress this enough.

there is this ongoing joke about sna and her ‘snexy snalsa’. this is only encouraged by her mexican man face, as shown in the picture above. i was very tempted to photoshop a moustache and a sombrero onto this picture, but i am tired, and i’m sure you can all envision it anyways.

i am slowly getting used to spanish tuesdays and thursdays. granted i could go home during the three hour breaks, but staying back is just so much more productive. not only do i get a ton of studying done, but i make odd discoveries. like this library table which i have christened the ‘inspiration table’:

i especially like the one on the bottom right that reads, ‘do not GO through life, but GROW through life’.

spanish is so much fun. harder, but more fun. ladis is constantly interjecting, “hablamos espanol!” every ten minutes or so, and we’re always going off on tangent about all things spain related. like how the colour green in spain has sex connotations, kinda like our blue movies. except green movies over there aren’t porn; they’re erotica.
and then we got into a debate on whether or not a funeral was a celebration, with some arguing that it was a celebration of life. ladis sagely concluded saying, “well, some people should be dead, no?”

i love spanish classes, even though because of it, i come home late, exhausted, and starving.

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September 8, 2009 at 3:36 pm (college, mlia, music)

today in lit class, i felt like the man (which is purely just a figure of speech. i don’t actually feel like a man. what does being a man feel like anyways? stupid? I JOKE)
but ok, we were discussing a poem, by hayden carruth, i think, and somehow we got sidetracked and ended up discussing the ability to raise only one eyebrow.

yes, exactly like that. except i don’t follow that up with an obnoxious “DO YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?”

and it turns out thatttttt i can do this. and raise my eyebrow i did, just so everyone could see. and fall to their knees in awe.

oh, you can run a 5 minute mile, swallow flaming swords and pull a rabbit out of your sunhat?
well, that’s impressive, but can you raise just one eyebrow?
yeah, i didn’t think so. now, that’s skill.

lovedrunk came out today!

i really, really am enjoying it. ok, bear in mind though, that i had the privilege of witnessing martin johnson explaining each and every song, and to know the reasoning behind a song, especially when the reasoning is given by the artist himself, is very…intimate. so, in a weird way, i feel almost bonded to this album. does that make sense?
sentimentality aside though, the tracks are actually pretty good. not brilliant, or breathtaking, but good. my favourite so far is ‘someone like you’ and ‘two is better than one’ feat. taylor swift. martin’s voice is so appropriate for ballad-y songs, i feel.
have you heard their cover of ‘let go’?


thanks to mlia, i have developed a new hobby – talking to cleverbot.
cleverbot promises many a cheap thrills, especially if you are a fan of meaningless, unrelated conversations.

oh, and because i like to pretend that i don’t have an insane amount of studying to do, i googled ‘strange holidays’ to see what happens on my birthday, and it turns out that my birthday is both ‘fun at work’ day (which i will have to wait a while to actually celebrate) and ‘inane answering message day’, which is totally up my alley.
i am going to have fun with this – i don’t know how yet – but i will.
also, my birthday week is ‘national take back your time week’. huh.
and my birthday month, is among many things, ‘national be on purpose month’, ‘national hot tea month’, ‘national soup month’ and ‘international change your stars month’.
question – how does one go about changing one’s stars?


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September 7, 2009 at 3:41 pm (books, college, mlia, movies)

busy with college, and uni apps, and scholarship apps, and afs. i am seriously considering doing a weekly blog post, and now that i have typed that out, i’ll probably be blogging everyday, just because i’m contradictory like that.

it’s september. already. isn’t that insane? and i know, i am aware, of how ridiculous i sound when i say that, but doesn’t anyone else get the feeling that time is moving just that teensy bit faster? i was watching a video on youtube the other day, where the video was sped up for comedic effect, and that’s exactly how i feel my life is right now, except the effect isn’t so much comedic, as it is stressful and tiring.

but i have good friends, and a fridge full of red bull. i can handle this.

did you enjoy this movie as much as i did? i was so happy after watching this movie, and that dum dee dum feeling lasted all the way through inane bio practical. now, thats what i call a powerful source of happy.

favouritest character. i think dug had some of the best lines in the show, and my absolute favourite part is when carl opens the door, and dug says, ‘i was hiding under the porch because i love you.’
i think i melted into a puddle of aww.

good, good movie. a good pick me up when you’re bogged down by college stress.

also, i read:

its a pretty awesome book. i actually watched the movie a while back (didn’t realise that it was based on a book. how lame of me) and the book and the movie actually differed a little. i didn’t like that stanley in the movie (played by shiathemotherlover) was not a fat kid. i thought that part was pretty integral to the storyline. zero, however, i approved off.


and now it’s back to stats. my life is soooooo exciting.

OH WAIT, WAIT! i wanted to start doing this.

yesterday, my mother and i were arguing about who would get the smallest piece of chicken. while she was making her point, i popped it into my mouth. i win. MLIA.

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i love cempedak. fried.

July 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm (college, coversations, food, games)

i am extremely happy. my mother bought me fried cempedak. i LOVE fried cempedak. i suspect i love it more than pisang goreng even. due to gluttony and lack of self-control, i did not take any pictures of the delectable dessert.
so i stole them off the net:

sangat sedap.
that was my dinner.

today, my bio lecturer called me clever – 5 times. FIVE. i am very proud.
we were telling him how he should give out stickers for good work. preferably those shiny ones. or the ones that have a fuzzy texture. i love those.
so, yes, i was talking to hong on the phone, all jubilant because i made my first sale via mudah.com, and i told him my bio lecturer called me clever.
‘you sure anot?’
‘WHAT!!? of course i’m sure!’
‘was he kidding?’

OI. i have your manchester united ticket. and training pass. granted, you are my transport to the stadium, but WHO CARES. i’ll make a new friend, and give him/her the ticket and he/she will drive me there, and home again. and we will be bff.

…my point was…oh, yes. do not doubt my intelligence!

i levelled up in typing maniac today! i am now a 20th century man. hah!
i realise that only in this context will i ever rejoice in being termed a 20th century man. because boys are stupid.
my obsession with this game would be worrying, but i did all my stats homework, and lit reading, and i prepared my bio experiment. really, if you think about it, i deserve to play typing maniac.

today for lunch, i had vegetarian char siew and it was awesome. not as awesome as real char siew, but still, very good. help has really good food, i realise. not good for my ever expanding waistline, but good for my tastebuds.

i don’t know how this became a food post. but since that’s the main theme, i shall just expand on it.


mine and charlie’s favourite.

we have made this our official must-have-once-a-month food. though, we had it like 3 times in june. but, who’s keeping tabs, right?
ikea meatballs are super yummy. i think the secret’s in the sauce. whatever it is, i never have anything else when i’m there, because why? screw adventurous. i’ll settle for tantalising.

cannot do food posts anymore. am now super hungry.

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back to college

July 6, 2009 at 3:33 pm (college, music)

as of today, i have officially been in college for a year. in theory, a year is a long time. funny though, it doesnt feel all that long. i remember this time last year. i was full of missing, feeling a little misplaced, not really sure whether i wanted to be here, or in oregon. i still remember what music i was listening to on my ipod at that time – we the kings. i guess i was trying to hold on to whatever i could that tied me to myrtle creek.
fast forward a year. westlife is blaring while i sip coffee and navigate my way through the morning traffic. it’s routine, familiar, and for some reason, i like it.
catching the help bus, walking to kpd e, checking the posted schedule because of course, i haven’t memorized it – i’m not even thinking as i do all this.  college is college; same arctic temperatures and odd smelling classrooms, just different people. i kinda miss a52. kinda. certain people.

monday morning math class. amazing. i think that whoever planned our timetable was resolved on making us as misraeble as possible, and i want to seek this person out and say, ‘job well done. no, really. mission accomplished.’ sigh. i’m exaggerating. a little. it’s not all that bad, and in a week probably, i won’t even care anymore.
so, yes, math. she said, ‘this term, you have two papers. make sure you get your books,’ and just like that, we were welcomed to the third semester.
lit was better, because we’re discussing ‘the kite runner’, an intensely amazing piece of literature. i put off reading it because i knew we were doing it for lit, and i figured that eventually i’d get to it anyways. mistake.
i can’t believe i waited so long to read it. it’s so, so, so good. better than chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a rainy day. yes, that good.
bio, we just did a review of everything to come.
and so ended the first day of the second year of college.

i had three cups of milo. i don’t think this is healthy. why do i have such an addictive personality?

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July 1, 2009 at 11:19 am (books, college, food, holidays)

just so everyone knows, i’m considering uprooting my entire life and moving to malacca, which of course will never happen, because i love the city and i am too lazy to make any change of that magnitude in my life at the moment, but still, it’s nice to pretend.

malacca was brilliant, the best excuse i’ve had to be my inherently lazy self.
we went there to visit mum’s distant cousin (something along the lines of thrice removed, i believe) who’s recently gotten out of hospital. yes, she’s fine. no, there’s no reason to worry. both mum and i were just itching to be out of the city for a bit, and malacca seemed as good a place as any.

after 2 hours of non-stop driving, and singing along to westlife’s no. 1 hits, we ended up in good old klebang, a place that 6 year old me loved very much.
when i was younger, we went to malacca a lot. the klebang of my childhood was pretty and refreshing, a sleepy little town away from the constant noise that is kula lumpur.
klebang has changed quite a bit now. not so sleepy anymore. and the beach…the condition of the beach saddens me. the government has started reclaiming land there to buid a coastal highway to port dickson, and a recreational park, and probably a dozen other pointless things. and just like that, the pretty beach of my childhood is gone.
what a bloody waste.

however, i was delighted to find out that a stable had opened there. the stable housed about 12 horses, and 2 ponies. it was awesome. a gangly foal ran around, nervously pacing the ground everytime someone approached it.
i rode this horse named samudera for quite a bit. he belonged to a datuk, who happened to be there while i was, and was very gracious and friendly. he even invited me back to ride samudera anytime.
also, i befriended one of the stable guys, this old man who’s lived in malacca since 1511 probably. he seemed to know everyone there. gave us complete histories even (“this house used to belong to david, but then his father died and he sold it to that proud lawyer…”). we had a very in depth discussion about tattoos (sidenote: tattoos help you make friends. seriously. somone should put this down in a self-help book)

oh, and i tried fried chicken intestines in this one famous shop in malacca. it was like twisty crispy keropok. i am never eating it again. it’s not that it tasted bad..i just don’t relish the thought of popping intestines in my mouth.

what else did i do? mmmmm, visited pasar malam and bought a ton of fruits and bubble tea. durian season is now, yo!
went back home, and finished ‘the life of pi’ – it’s such a brilliant book.
stayed up late watching ‘the nanny’ re-runs. slept in, woke up, came home to kl, and just as i got home, i received a text from afifah, saying ‘shit! awful timetable! go check it out!’


college timetable is not cool this term. really, really not cool.
i start monday morning with my least favourite subject. and on thursday, we have a four hour break between subjects.

eeeee. not happy.

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