the haircut

July 11, 2009 at 2:42 pm (cosmetics)

i shall start by saying that oprah convinced me to cut my hair.
i actually have a lot of other things to blog about – public enemies, awesome friday – except all those entries are stuck in my drafts.
i’ll post it later.
so, like i was saying, i got a haircut. because oprah said it would be good for me. i was watching oprah on hallmark last night while waiting for midsomer murders to start, and it was the episode where she had five celebrity stylists transform 100 peoples looks. and so, they were going on about how a lot of women don’t change their hair style because they don’t know what looks good (very true) but, how are you going to discover what’s good if you never make a change.
and i went, ‘by george. they’re absolutley right!’
then one of the stylists, rita, i think, said that, ‘it’s just hair. have fun with it.’
and at that exact moment, i decided to get a haircut. in fact, the more i thought about it, the more i realised that getting a haircut is a win-win situation.
there are 3 possibilites that come with getting a haircut:
1) it looks great!
well, great! good look, more confidence and all that jazz.
2) it looks so-so
it’s not damaging, not fabulous. so, really, no big loss. just never try this
hairstyle again.
3) it looks horrendous!
consider this a friendship/relationship test. anyone who sticks with you
throughout this monstrosity is indeed a gem and you know you’ve found a
great friend/significant other.

see? win-win.

for the record though, i got very obvious layers, and no, it’s not horrendous. i actually like it a lot.
thanks, oprah! you the man!

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