October 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm (college, coversations)

i have a new camera! hence my renewed interest in blogging! i am so excited!
it’s a lovely silver contraption, named ‘iris’. i spent the better part of last night figuring out all its functions. i think it’s my favourite camera so far.

SAM_3876lit got cancelled, and so i resolved to use the extra time to revise math, because we all know how much i love math.


 instead, i spent the entire three hours puzzling over crossword puzzles. the new york times puzzles are so cryptic! i knew the answer to ‘cher’s former singing partner’ though.
i feel vaguely accomplished.

paying very close attention in math, because we love math. i cannot seem to stress this enough.

there is this ongoing joke about sna and her ‘snexy snalsa’. this is only encouraged by her mexican man face, as shown in the picture above. i was very tempted to photoshop a moustache and a sombrero onto this picture, but i am tired, and i’m sure you can all envision it anyways.

i am slowly getting used to spanish tuesdays and thursdays. granted i could go home during the three hour breaks, but staying back is just so much more productive. not only do i get a ton of studying done, but i make odd discoveries. like this library table which i have christened the ‘inspiration table’:

i especially like the one on the bottom right that reads, ‘do not GO through life, but GROW through life’.

spanish is so much fun. harder, but more fun. ladis is constantly interjecting, “hablamos espanol!” every ten minutes or so, and we’re always going off on tangent about all things spain related. like how the colour green in spain has sex connotations, kinda like our blue movies. except green movies over there aren’t porn; they’re erotica.
and then we got into a debate on whether or not a funeral was a celebration, with some arguing that it was a celebration of life. ladis sagely concluded saying, “well, some people should be dead, no?”

i love spanish classes, even though because of it, i come home late, exhausted, and starving.

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August 2, 2009 at 2:04 pm (coversations, drama)

i emo right now.

in a manner that was downright cruel, my mother threw out all our drinking mugs >: (
this happens easily once a year. she’ll suddenly decide that all our mugs are ugly, and unsanitary, and she’ll throw them away. it is incredibly traumatising, because i am very attached to my mugs. almost as attached as i am to my stuffed toys.
last year, she tried to throw away my pig mug, but i cottoned on and hid it away for a week, until she forgot all about project destroy cheryl’s life throw away old mugs. so in that way, awesomely ugly pig mug set a new two year record in our house.
this year however, she was so sneaky about it. she waited till we were in public, before announcing that i should choose new mugs because she threw all the old ones away. and she did this while i was sleeping!
that’s really cold, mum.
of course i had no choice  but to mutely look miserable, though i would have very much liked to throw a grade a tantrum.
i got my own back though, by resolutely ignoring all the flower motive mugs my mother picked out, and instead choosing the ugliest mugs possible, in this case, one with severely ugly cartoon cats on them.
yes, i like my mugs ugly, just like my stuffed toys, though this does not apply to boys.
just saying.

when i got home, i offered to throw the mag containing the mugs into the rubbish disposal (in hopes of saving pig mug) but my mum said she’d do it.
‘is it because you don’t want me stealing my mug?’ – me, all crestfallen.
‘no. because you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’ll probably end up hurting yourself. and we’re all out of plasters.’
>: (
i am not that clumsy. i mean, ok, to be fair, i do have the coordination of a garden gnome who’s just been grabbed by it’s ankles and lassoed over a field, but still.
just as i was feeling all indignant over that comment, i fell down the stairs.
my life is a PARODY. a JOKE. a COMIC TRAGEDY. sigh.

i am drinking coffee right now, and it’s not out of my pig mug, and i am sad. the ugly cats only make me feel slightly better.
oh, and my mum bought me toblerone, because i’m five years old. also, i have an ugly bruise on my shin.

sifat-sifat seperti inilah yang akan membantu saya mendapatkan jejaka idaman.

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she used to be the sweetest girl ever

July 25, 2009 at 2:42 pm (afs, coversations, food, friends, volunteer)

everytime afs asks for volunteers for saturday mornings, i say yes, with gusto. and then saturday comes, and it’s 8 a.m., and i am literally facepalming because sleeping in is impossible.
it’s always worth it though. always.

today we had the english enrichment camp for primary students in sk gombak seri 2, in an effort to instill the love for english in younger children.

ok, so you’re laughing, because i hate kids and they hate me. however, these were 11 year olds, and i discovered that i really don’t mind children over 7. i mean, we can communicate with words, hence no awkward waving and peek-a-booing is needed.

this was a pretty big deal, so lots of volunteers (both afsers from malaysia and the foreign exchange students) we started by dividing the 150 students into 11 groups, giving them animal names (it’s cute when you’re 11). terri and i took the duck group, during discussion time where they had to come up with a house for their respective animals and name things needed by it.
‘so guys, what does a duck need to survive?’
‘a ps 2!’
‘…ok, good. what else?’
‘a laptop!’

eh, what kind of world are these kids living in?

then we were divided up for the treasure hunt. i was manning charades with yelena and two recent yes returnees. the theme for charades were movies, and seriously, i was amazed when one of the groups actually guessed pontianak harum sundal malam. and lord of the rings.
11 year olds are so smart.
we went a little crazy with the stamping. each station was handed one of those stamps with crazy patterns tp stamp the group’s scoresheet, and instead i ended up with four leaf clovers and smiley faces all over my hands. sigh french and australian exchange students.

the kids were so cool at the end, when we were saying our thank yous. they did some special clap thing, several times. again, this is only cool when 11 year olds do it.
after everything was over, we were bombarded by kids wanting our autographs (REMEMBER THOSE DAYS – WHEN WE WROTE OUR BIODATA AND CUTESY MESSAGES LIKE ‘FRIENDS FOREVER’?) one kid went around saying, ‘i want your facebook please.’
why do 11 year olds have facebook?
felix, especially, got bombarded with requests for his autograph, and pictures, probably because he is very comel. blur, but comel.

the french boy, julien, laughed at me when i spoke spanish, saying i sounded ridiculously french. and then i spoke french, and he laughed even harder because i sounded spanish.

this post is sooo long. but it was a long day, thus it’s justified.
pictures on facebook.

went to see dina’s dorm in uia after. realised that if i wanted to, i could essentialy shack up there because i can fit into her clothes, and we use the same shampoo and facewash.

dinner at old town, where i keep telling myself to order something other than their nasi lemak. but then i sit down, and rationalise that there is nothing wrong with ordering a perfectly delicious meal.

must sleep now. intense study sesh planned for tomorrow.


pictures as promised!


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’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

July 23, 2009 at 3:19 pm (beverages, coversations, music)

i think that there should be more days like this.

a lazy two hours spent trading ideas and philosophies regarding religion, dreams, and people with a good friend, over milkshakes.
later, while caught in the rush hour traffic (which is a lie, because there is no ‘rush’ in rush hour. stagnant would be a better word.) i listen to nada surf’s ‘if you leave’, and smile over all the anecdotes exchanged.

it’s refreshing to not be stressed, or tired, or rushed for time.
it’s nice to just be.

in other news, the braces are gone (yay!) and i fell down a couple of stairs (boo!) the two events are not related, by the way. just thought i’d clear that up.
my left leg’s so swollen now, i’ve almost convinced myself that i have elephantiasis.
how attractive.

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silver red bull for the win

July 22, 2009 at 3:53 pm (beverages, books, coversations, food, friends, music)

i suppose it was inevitable. or at least, thats what everyone tells me.
on the way to college, i hit the car in front of me. first accident since procuring my license in 2007. the honda accord was slightly scraped, and my own myvi looked like baby wolverine attacked it’s side.
the other driver was very gracious as we exchanged information, and discussed repairs. he shrugged off making a police report, maintaining that as long as i paid for the repair, it really didn’t matter to him.
i was grateful, not then, but later on – once i’d gotten over the initial shock.
calling the madre was the worst, simply because i just didn’t know how she’d react. i managed to choke out the fact that i’d been in a minor accident, and she said, ‘it’s ok. breathe. i’ll take care of it.’
i am generally very independant. i was raised to be. but sometimes, sometimes, it’s just so good to relax and let my mother sort things out. and somehow, she has this way of knowing just when to step in and when to back off.
long story short, the repairs came up to about rm 200, and i’m just grateful it’s not more.

i was so upset in college, not so much about the damage, because there wasn’t much, but just the whole aftermath of being involved in a accident, and even worse, being the guilty party.
which is why, when he texted ‘can i call?’ in the middle of law, i decided that i really needed to hear his calming best friend voice, instead of hearing my law lecturer talk about insanity.
‘it’s ok to be shaken, but just know, it happens to everyone. look on the bright side, the other driver didn’t hit you on the head with a beer bottle.’
‘who did that happen to?’
‘nobody. but you know, it could have.’
thank you for always being just a text away.

a plate of hot maggi mee goreng tambah pedas and an extra chocolatey iced milo later, and i’m all chirpy again.
oh, the joys of nourishment.

and for the first time today, i tried the silver red bull. omfg, why has no one ever told me how good it is? it’s my new favourite drink after coffee, and snapple, and vitamin water and gatorade, but before 100 plus activ and slurpee.
i should really read the label on drinks before downing them though, because i had the last sip at 11.30, and couped with my insomnia, i’m probably only going to get an hour of sleep tonight.
way to be.

it’s not so bad though. i have hans christian andersen’s complete fairy tales to flip through. there’s nothing like curling up in bed in a freezing room, wrapped up in two blankets, with a  good book. in fact, that sounds so good, i’m going to go do that right away.


p.s. listening to boys like girls cover of frou frou’s let go. it’s such a beautiful song. and they do it justice.

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it’s so amazing here
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.

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monthly manic milkshake monday

July 21, 2009 at 3:47 pm (coversations, food, friends, new buy)

it’s been such a good beginning to the week; i’m so happy.
i’ll have to summarize because i slacked on blogging, and i’m overly lazy to go into detail about past days.
on sunday i got a dragon snake (henceforth to be referred to as a snagon). it’s..a dragon head with a snake body, no legs, itty bitty wings and an orange tongue. i shall post a picture sometime. quesop puff, as charlie and i named it, is suitably part adorable, part ugly. he was also rm5, found at a bazaar at the summit.
LOVE bazaars.

yesterday, we started a new tradition, because if you know us, you know what huge fans we are of rituals.
every third monday of the month will now be ‘monthly manic milkshake monday’.
what brought this on?
a 3 a.m. craving for delicious thick, frothy milkshake. don’t you ever find yourself in the middle of doing something completely unrealted, like i don’t know, reading up on equity – and find yourself thinking, ‘hmm. i could use a milkshake right now. now now now,’?
well, yeah, that’s what happened.
sidenote: how can anyone prefer strawberry/vanilla milkshake to a chocolate one? i judge you people.

today was such a nice day. ok, maybe i’m just easily pleased. it’s pathetic how exciting i find being able to sleep in till 7.30 a.m is.
no, seriously, i was overjoyed by this.
it started raining in the middle of lit, and so, we all walked out to enjoy the fresh air. my lungs have forgotten what it’s like to filter unhazed air.
law got cancelled!

suzy called me all the way from italy, and told me to forget the states and focus on london, because that’s where she’ll be. she mentioned she was heading to ibiza, and i was insanely jealous.
some of us have sold our souls to a-levels, and it’s not nice to rub freedom in our faces =(

after, kyle called, all the way from new york, to tell me a joke about his dog. and then he hung up. not quite sure what to make of that. but he does this a lot, so i can’t say i’m overly surprised either.

OH, and then thasya brought over some of her chocolate rum birthday cake. lovely concoction.

so happy.

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manchester united training

July 17, 2009 at 3:48 pm (coversations, friends, sports)

i’ve been looking forward to today/tomorrow for over a month now. but first, i must blog about someone who is agak penting.

this is grandmaster jit yang (also known as baby boy but i would not advocate you calling him that unless you’re in the mood to be slapped around)
jit is an awesome person, so well-mannered and best of all, witty! he is also the nicest guy i know, and is always ready to ferry me around anywhere. seriously, anywhere. and anytime i want, too. also, he trusts me with his coins. and no, that is not a euphemism for anything. i literally mean coins – ten cents, fifty cents. OH, and he didn’t let me wait alone for chin hong to arrive today. thanks jit. i mean, grandmaster jit.

so, today was the manchester united training session at bukit jalil stadium. hong and i got there around two-ish, and managed to get pretty decent seats. except, we got kicked out of those because we weren’t vip holders, but then we found higher seats, that had a better vantage point and more air flow. it was so bloody humid, so air flow was muchly appreciated.
and so we waited. and waited. and waited. every time i was convinced an hour had passed at the very least, i would glance at my phone and see that it had only been ten minutes.
waiting around is so tiring.
which was why i was so excited when the malaysian team walked out, each attached to a little kid.
to be honest, i didn’t even know we’d be watching them train as well.
i apologise for the suck quality of my pictures. i’m stuck with my lame 5 megapixel camera, which has the tendency to die on me at the most crucial moments =(
and the haze doesn’t help either.

i thought the crowd was unduly harsh on the malaysian team. we all know that malaysia is not on the same playing field as man u, so give them a break already. they’re trying. and maybe us malaysians should do the same. tearing something down is not the way to build it up.

half the fun of football? being stuck amid a plethora of critics – mostly guys – all of whom obviously know how to play better than any other player on the field.
‘the malaysians ah, they got no chemistry. they’ve got the physics down, but no chemistry.’
‘they cannot control high ball. low is ok. once it’s high, they cannot already.’
i rolled my eyes so often, they hurt.
so glad hong isn’t stupid like that.

the malaysian team then left to the sounds of rousing cheers, and once again, we were back to waiting.
it was pretty easy to figure out which entrance the man u players were coming out from, because they had the oh so subtle fru officers lining the entrance.
at one point, one side of the stadium erupted in cheers, and we all excitedly looked over…only to see two red clad caucasians walk out. with video cameras.
me: are they cheering for the media?
hong: i guess so.
me: they thought they were the players because they’re white guys clad in
hong: malaysia what. what do you expect?

finally though,


the man u players were a real class of the own, very gracious to the audience, probably also really freaked out by the screams their stretching prompted.
i woul comment on their footie skills, but really, what do i know about that?

i do know that watching them was fun.

best thing about today? seeing MICHAEL OWEN
i didn’t get a good picture of him (because i was too busy oogling) but he was as aesthetically pleasing as i remember him being.

he was my first football crush. i was 12, i think and i saw him in the papers, and that was it really. i’ve had many football crushes since, but you kow what they say, you never forget your first crush.
owen made me go ‘david beckwho?’
so excited that he’s at man u now.
so excited about the game tomorrow.

it’s nice to be excited about things again.

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i love cempedak. fried.

July 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm (college, coversations, food, games)

i am extremely happy. my mother bought me fried cempedak. i LOVE fried cempedak. i suspect i love it more than pisang goreng even. due to gluttony and lack of self-control, i did not take any pictures of the delectable dessert.
so i stole them off the net:

sangat sedap.
that was my dinner.

today, my bio lecturer called me clever – 5 times. FIVE. i am very proud.
we were telling him how he should give out stickers for good work. preferably those shiny ones. or the ones that have a fuzzy texture. i love those.
so, yes, i was talking to hong on the phone, all jubilant because i made my first sale via mudah.com, and i told him my bio lecturer called me clever.
‘you sure anot?’
‘WHAT!!? of course i’m sure!’
‘was he kidding?’

OI. i have your manchester united ticket. and training pass. granted, you are my transport to the stadium, but WHO CARES. i’ll make a new friend, and give him/her the ticket and he/she will drive me there, and home again. and we will be bff.

…my point was…oh, yes. do not doubt my intelligence!

i levelled up in typing maniac today! i am now a 20th century man. hah!
i realise that only in this context will i ever rejoice in being termed a 20th century man. because boys are stupid.
my obsession with this game would be worrying, but i did all my stats homework, and lit reading, and i prepared my bio experiment. really, if you think about it, i deserve to play typing maniac.

today for lunch, i had vegetarian char siew and it was awesome. not as awesome as real char siew, but still, very good. help has really good food, i realise. not good for my ever expanding waistline, but good for my tastebuds.

i don’t know how this became a food post. but since that’s the main theme, i shall just expand on it.


mine and charlie’s favourite.

we have made this our official must-have-once-a-month food. though, we had it like 3 times in june. but, who’s keeping tabs, right?
ikea meatballs are super yummy. i think the secret’s in the sauce. whatever it is, i never have anything else when i’m there, because why? screw adventurous. i’ll settle for tantalising.

cannot do food posts anymore. am now super hungry.

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the standard chartered marathon

June 29, 2009 at 3:29 pm (coversations, holidays, new buy, volunteer)

it’s been a pretty rough couple of days, and i really don’t have anything else to say about that. huh. that wasn’t the plan.

oh well.

last couple of days have been insane. the standard chartered marathon was held this past weekend, and i was a volunteer on both saturday and sunday, ten hours consecutively each day.
my body’s still kinda achy from all that work, but i had so much fun.
will have to beg/blackmail for pictures, so until then, written narrative is the best i can do.

saturday, i was assigned along with others to distribute the runner’s race packs, which was fun because it meant direct contact with people, and i happen to like people. most people. not the woman who snapped at me because she ordered the wrong size and switching shirts weren’t allowed. however, there were cool people, like this one singaporean guy who offered to buy me a drink on account of the hot weather (afifah, i like singaporeans now.)
a 70 year old man signed up for the 10 km race and told me how marathons were his thing. like how some people dig ice cream – he digs marathons.
he’s 70 and he could probably kick my ass in the 10 km category.
for shaaaaaaaaaammmmeeeeee, cheryl. for shame.
conversations during volunteering:
‘eh, leng chai!’
‘WHERE??’ – two overly excited girls, one being me.

‘comprar, comprar.’ – spanish man, pointing to my bright blue volunteer tshirt.
‘no, no comprar.’ me, being fluent. not.

‘i like your tattoo.’
‘can i take a picture of it? or would that be too creepy?’
‘…eh, go for it.’ – me, caught somewhere between flattery and unease.

‘i think that guy’s taking our picture.’

sunday, we had to be at dataran at 3 a.m. yes. i didn’t even bother going to sleep because, 3 a.m. is my sleeping time.
i somehow got assigned to the start/finish line, which was awesome, because it was the sweetest spot and i could see everything.
also, the other volunteers were the best. for some reason, people kept coming up to have their picture taken with us, not that i’m complaining. and they kept offering to buy my volunteer tshirt because, well, actually, that part’s still a mystery to me.
i saw the king! and his entourage of bodyguards, all of whom made a dismal attempt to look like civillians. fail. in a field of 100 people, i still probably could totally pick them out as bodyguards. something about the lack of smiling. is it against bodyguard code to smile?
anyways, i know there were a lot of complaints regarding the race – all of which i’m not going to comment on.
what i am going to say though, is that the volunteers gave it their all. we had to deal with furious people, who, because they had no one else to yell at, yelled at us. that wasn’t the norm mind you. most people were great, still smiling after running 42km (insane. i wouldn’t even move. i’d just lie there and wait for a forklift to come get me)

all in all, it was a pretty great experience. met good people, had fun.

today, i spent rm10 on two packets of mnm’s and a cheapo rubiks cube. must learn to solve before college resumes, for bragging rights if nothing else.

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where’s mr b?

June 18, 2009 at 2:05 pm (afs, coversations, hedgehog)

nothing remotely exciting has happened today, but i’m in a very bloggy mood. so, i thought i’d share some of the hilarious stories the exchange students told me the other day. i swear, exchange students have the best stories.

maarten, from belgium, was telling me how for thaipusam, mr and mrs b took all the exchange students to batu caves. the group was made up of like 6 boys, 6 easily excitable boys, who upon arrival at batu caves, proceeded to get lost. 3 hours later, mr b finally managed to find all of them, and there was this general feeling or relief in the air…until he realised he’d lost his wife in the process. so, for the next hour, him and the exchange students looked for her, and found her somewhere looking at something pretty. they made her wear a spongebob balloon tied to her wrist for the rest of the trip so they wouldn’t lose her.
i find the mental image of this respectable woman parading around batu caves with a balloon, a spongebob balloon, too funny. i broke a rib laughing at this, and now it’s a established joke.
‘where’s mr b?’
‘looking for his wife maybe.’ *cue innocent grin*

and then there was my car convo with bourdoain from france.
‘i have a pet hedgehog!’
‘…why? they’re so useless. i’m always stepping on them in my garden, and then i get angry and throw them away.’
‘WHAT? but they’re cute!’
‘i saw one really cute one once, and then i noticed it was covered in some red stuff. it was blood. the hedgehog was eating a snake. i was like wtf, not cute anymore.’
‘…but toma’s different!’
‘sure. of course.’

rubbishy french boy who has garden hedgehogs.

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