August 30, 2009 at 4:10 pm (deep, holidays)

being sick is lame, especially today, where i could have done a million other things, and stayed out late seeing as how tomorrow is a holiday. generally, i hate sundays, and all i do on sundays is grumble about how much i hate sundays because monday is the next day and that means 8 a.m math class, and who’s excited about that? but monday is merdeka, and so tomorrow is a holiday, but i am sick, so none of this is significant anymore.
in fact, the only joyful thing i can think off is that i have new studded sandals, which are so awesome and comfy, and i like them so much i wore them to sleep. psyche! well, actually, i did wear them to sleep, but i accidentally kicked myself awake, and so i grumpily took them off to avoid a repetition of the act.

random question of the day (which i have never done before, and will probably never do again): what “fashion” can you not stand on a boy?

for me, its:

i think that hairbands on boys – any boy – is a completely unflattering look. actually, let me be honest, it’s ugly and stupid. i suspect i feel this way because i don’t like boys with long hair anyways, but still, i do not know any boy, hot or not, who looks good in a hairband.
and is it me, or does wearing a hairband make all these guys’ hair look greasy?
a fine example (and i do mean finee) is fernando torres.
fernando torres is incredibly good looking.



foto442hf0not (props for matching the kid’s hairstyle,though)


fernando_torres16NOT. really, really not.

and so, based on photographic evidence, i think we can all conclude that i have a valid point.

and just to show that torres isn’t the only one who looks ridiculous in a hairband, i present to you:


but, sans hairband:

david-beckham-shows-his-new-angelic-tattoo_49yum. makes you want a double serving. yes, i did totally just say that.

ok, so this post is less about making a fashion stand, and more about justifying me surfing the net for pictures of hot footballers.

what? don’t judge me. remember?

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i got mugged

July 14, 2009 at 5:37 pm (deep, drama)

‘so, how was your weekend, you know, aside from getting mugged?’

oh, yeah. i got mugged. (sidenote: it’s 1.23 a.m. WISH) ok, so, the mugging. sunday morning, near assumption church/assunta hospital. 4 guys, 2 motorcycles. one tried to grab my bag, but i elbowed him, so he snatched my chain instead and all 4 of them rushed off.
he probably thought that the gold chain was valuable.
it was. not from a monetary point of view, since it only cost me 1USD or RM3.50. it was valuable because it was the very first thing i bought when i was in new york city, and this may sound stupid, but every time i wore it, i always felt like ‘yeah. maybe the dream isn’t so far-fetched.’
i don’t know what to feel now that it’s gone.
no, i’m not traumatised. it happened too fast for any sort of emotion to register.
now that i think about it though, i’m angry.
i want my one dollar necklace back.

i have come to conclusion that we are all in a constant state of war, and i was going to blog in detail about this theory, and explain why┬ái think i’m constantly at war, but that requires a lot of thinking, much more than i’m willing to do at the moment.
so, i leave you with this theory, and hope it makes a difference in your life.

you know those stupid facebook games – texas hold ’em, mafia gangs and the like? well, if you know me, you know how i scoff at them. and at people who are addicted to them. because you must be an idiot to be addicted to a facebook game. right?
but then i logged on to facebook earlier, and saw a notice saying tung jit yang has become a spaceman in typing maniac. and i thought, ‘jikalau saudara jit yang boleh melakukannya, saya juga boleh!’

and that’s why i spent 2 hours straight playing typing maniac on facebook.

i shame myself.

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