August 21, 2009 at 5:16 pm (books, dog, music)

i don’t think i’ll be getting any sleep tonight. reason? i just stumbled onto the greatest website in a while.  click click click for endless giggles!

it’s like fmylife, but way better. i promise you that you will not regret it. my favourite one so far:
Today, my teacher asked my class to raise their hand if they were lazy. I was the only one who didn’t raise their hand. When asked why, I said I was too lazy. He laughed and gave me extra credit. I have a newly found respect for him. MLIA

sooooo, yes. i am sitting here, going through the archives of this awesome site, while having a eminem-a-thon. yes, i do like eminem. a whole lot, actually. i mean, his prevalent vulgarity aside, the man’s rapping is genius. and funny. at least, i find it funny. i think my favourite rap by him is either ‘lose yourself’ or…no, it’s ‘lose yourself’ for sure.

i have spent my entire (and you think when i say entire, i’m exaggerating, but no, really. i mean entire) day reading king dork. it’s such a good book! good books make me so happy. speaking of good books, there will be a bookfest from tomorrow onwards at the kl convention centre. be excited. i know i am.

today on facebook, someone left a completely inane comment on a wall post of mine. it made no sense, and it still doesn’t, but i refuse to reply because my replying might lead to furthur exchanges with said person. and i don’t want that. yeah, yeah, i’m mean. whatever.

keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrrow!

sorry, completely pointless post. have a picture as an apology.

Picture 017
isn’t he adorable?


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