i love cempedak. fried.

July 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm (college, coversations, food, games)

i am extremely happy. my mother bought me fried cempedak. i LOVE fried cempedak. i suspect i love it more than pisang goreng even. due to gluttony and lack of self-control, i did not take any pictures of the delectable dessert.
so i stole them off the net:

sangat sedap.
that was my dinner.

today, my bio lecturer called me clever – 5 times. FIVE. i am very proud.
we were telling him how he should give out stickers for good work. preferably those shiny ones. or the ones that have a fuzzy texture. i love those.
so, yes, i was talking to hong on the phone, all jubilant because i made my first sale via mudah.com, and i told him my bio lecturer called me clever.
‘you sure anot?’
‘WHAT!!? of course i’m sure!’
‘was he kidding?’

OI. i have your manchester united ticket. and training pass. granted, you are my transport to the stadium, but WHO CARES. i’ll make a new friend, and give him/her the ticket and he/she will drive me there, and home again. and we will be bff.

…my point was…oh, yes. do not doubt my intelligence!

i levelled up in typing maniac today! i am now a 20th century man. hah!
i realise that only in this context will i ever rejoice in being termed a 20th century man. because boys are stupid.
my obsession with this game would be worrying, but i did all my stats homework, and lit reading, and i prepared my bio experiment. really, if you think about it, i deserve to play typing maniac.

today for lunch, i had vegetarian char siew and it was awesome. not as awesome as real char siew, but still, very good. help has really good food, i realise. not good for my ever expanding waistline, but good for my tastebuds.

i don’t know how this became a food post. but since that’s the main theme, i shall just expand on it.


mine and charlie’s favourite.

we have made this our official must-have-once-a-month food. though, we had it like 3 times in june. but, who’s keeping tabs, right?
ikea meatballs are super yummy. i think the secret’s in the sauce. whatever it is, i never have anything else when i’m there, because why? screw adventurous. i’ll settle for tantalising.

cannot do food posts anymore. am now super hungry.

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