’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

July 23, 2009 at 3:19 pm (beverages, coversations, music)

i think that there should be more days like this.

a lazy two hours spent trading ideas and philosophies regarding religion, dreams, and people with a good friend, over milkshakes.
later, while caught in the rush hour traffic (which is a lie, because there is no ‘rush’ in rush hour. stagnant would be a better word.) i listen to nada surf’s ‘if you leave’, and smile over all the anecdotes exchanged.

it’s refreshing to not be stressed, or tired, or rushed for time.
it’s nice to just be.

in other news, the braces are gone (yay!) and i fell down a couple of stairs (boo!) the two events are not related, by the way. just thought i’d clear that up.
my left leg’s so swollen now, i’ve almost convinced myself that i have elephantiasis.
how attractive.


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silver red bull for the win

July 22, 2009 at 3:53 pm (beverages, books, coversations, food, friends, music)

i suppose it was inevitable. or at least, thats what everyone tells me.
on the way to college, i hit the car in front of me. first accident since procuring my license in 2007. the honda accord was slightly scraped, and my own myvi looked like baby wolverine attacked it’s side.
the other driver was very gracious as we exchanged information, and discussed repairs. he shrugged off making a police report, maintaining that as long as i paid for the repair, it really didn’t matter to him.
i was grateful, not then, but later on – once i’d gotten over the initial shock.
calling the madre was the worst, simply because i just didn’t know how she’d react. i managed to choke out the fact that i’d been in a minor accident, and she said, ‘it’s ok. breathe. i’ll take care of it.’
i am generally very independant. i was raised to be. but sometimes, sometimes, it’s just so good to relax and let my mother sort things out. and somehow, she has this way of knowing just when to step in and when to back off.
long story short, the repairs came up to about rm 200, and i’m just grateful it’s not more.

i was so upset in college, not so much about the damage, because there wasn’t much, but just the whole aftermath of being involved in a accident, and even worse, being the guilty party.
which is why, when he texted ‘can i call?’ in the middle of law, i decided that i really needed to hear his calming best friend voice, instead of hearing my law lecturer talk about insanity.
‘it’s ok to be shaken, but just know, it happens to everyone. look on the bright side, the other driver didn’t hit you on the head with a beer bottle.’
‘who did that happen to?’
‘nobody. but you know, it could have.’
thank you for always being just a text away.

a plate of hot maggi mee goreng tambah pedas and an extra chocolatey iced milo later, and i’m all chirpy again.
oh, the joys of nourishment.

and for the first time today, i tried the silver red bull. omfg, why has no one ever told me how good it is? it’s my new favourite drink after coffee, and snapple, and vitamin water and gatorade, but before 100 plus activ and slurpee.
i should really read the label on drinks before downing them though, because i had the last sip at 11.30, and couped with my insomnia, i’m probably only going to get an hour of sleep tonight.
way to be.

it’s not so bad though. i have hans christian andersen’s complete fairy tales to flip through. there’s nothing like curling up in bed in a freezing room, wrapped up in two blankets, with a  good book. in fact, that sounds so good, i’m going to go do that right away.


p.s. listening to boys like girls cover of frou frou’s let go. it’s such a beautiful song. and they do it justice.

so let go, jump in
oh well, whatcha waiting for
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
so let go, just get in
oh, it’s so amazing here
it’s alright
’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown.

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back to college

July 6, 2009 at 3:33 pm (college, music)

as of today, i have officially been in college for a year. in theory, a year is a long time. funny though, it doesnt feel all that long. i remember this time last year. i was full of missing, feeling a little misplaced, not really sure whether i wanted to be here, or in oregon. i still remember what music i was listening to on my ipod at that time – we the kings. i guess i was trying to hold on to whatever i could that tied me to myrtle creek.
fast forward a year. westlife is blaring while i sip coffee and navigate my way through the morning traffic. it’s routine, familiar, and for some reason, i like it.
catching the help bus, walking to kpd e, checking the posted schedule because of course, i haven’t memorized it – i’m not even thinking as i do all this.  college is college; same arctic temperatures and odd smelling classrooms, just different people. i kinda miss a52. kinda. certain people.

monday morning math class. amazing. i think that whoever planned our timetable was resolved on making us as misraeble as possible, and i want to seek this person out and say, ‘job well done. no, really. mission accomplished.’ sigh. i’m exaggerating. a little. it’s not all that bad, and in a week probably, i won’t even care anymore.
so, yes, math. she said, ‘this term, you have two papers. make sure you get your books,’ and just like that, we were welcomed to the third semester.
lit was better, because we’re discussing ‘the kite runner’, an intensely amazing piece of literature. i put off reading it because i knew we were doing it for lit, and i figured that eventually i’d get to it anyways. mistake.
i can’t believe i waited so long to read it. it’s so, so, so good. better than chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on a rainy day. yes, that good.
bio, we just did a review of everything to come.
and so ended the first day of the second year of college.

i had three cups of milo. i don’t think this is healthy. why do i have such an addictive personality?

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mnm’s is the answer to all of life’s problems

June 22, 2009 at 10:25 am (food, holidays, music, theatre)

long, long post, because i’ve been busy trying to complete the list. before exams ended, 3 weeks sounded like a lot of time to live life. fast forward one week, and i realise that it’s really not.  

friday night
dinner with alyssa at the apartment. food was good, but the lack of lighting confused us. and when i say lack of lighting, i mean that there were no lights where we were seated. it was so dim, that when they gave us the comment card, i stuck it right in front of my face, at an angle, just to figure out what was written on it.
we wrote ‘where are the lights?’ on the comment card, just in case they thought we were squinting for fun, and therefore missed the point that more lights were needed.
adjourned to laundry for drinks and the usual catch up, and polaroid photos.

on our ay back to the car, we were wayliad by the manager of the apartment, who gave us his number and told us to call him the next time we were there to get a discount.
his name was barney. hello barney!
made a midnight stop at seven eleven for a sharpie to decorate the ploaroid shots. have now decided to carry the sharpie with me everywhere to draw on unsuspecting people, and in case random chances of vandalisme presents itself.

saturday afternoon
caught the play ‘rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead’ at kl pac, featuring jityangtung. jit was one of the lead’s and was extremo funny. yes, i’m flaunting my talented acquaintances in everyones face.
we took pictures, but they were polaroids, and no, i still have not learned how to operate my scanner.
also, jit got teased by his entire cast because well, he was surrounded by 4 girls. which if you ask me, isn’t really tease-worthy. more like envy-worthy.
father’s day dinner at las carritas. the appetizers we ordered, poppers i think they were called, which was basically fired jalapenos were brilliant. also, i quite enjoyed my chimichanga, though i had to add liberal amounts of habanero tobasco before it satiated my need for spiciness.

volunteer briefing for the standard chartered marathon. will be on duty saturday and sunday.

spent half the morning at help sorting out the a-voice. then back to charlie’s for chocolate, and guitar lessons. also, learned about lemmings the game. go look it up for some mindless but completely addictive fun.
Cheryl GuitarMnMs 3

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hungry hedgehog

June 15, 2009 at 2:45 pm (afs, hedgehog, holidays, music)

when i left my house at 6.45 this morning, tomates was munching on his crackers, which is fine. i mean, hedgehog’s gotta eat, ya know? i came home at 6.15 in the evening to find him…munching on the last cracker. the last cracker in a bowl i filled up last night. he devoured an entire bowl of hedgehog food in roughly 24 hours. i don’t know if that’s healthy. maybe hedgehogs are like goldfish in the sense that they lack memory power, and therefore as long as there is food, there exists the compulsion to stuff it down their throat.
or maybe he’s just greedy.

today at afs interviews, dina, qistina and i were talking about placebo, the band.
‘i saw placebo in chicago!’
‘no, really? i like them.’
‘waaaaaaaait. isn’t placebo a body part?’
‘i think you’re thinking placenta.’
this is what conversation with dina is like 99% of the time.

interviews/interviewees were alright. nothing too exciting happened. best part of the day was when we got to talk about the us experience. i think i speak for all returnees when i say, there’s nothing like sharing your exchange experience with another exchange student. maybe it’s because, only when you’re an exchange student can you really understand the whole thing, the incessant need to share random memories, the appreciation of other people’s adventures. i do talk about my exchange with other friends, but i’m always sort of watching my words, because i don’t want to be the girl that’s rubbing it in your face that she had a six month adventure.
with exchange students, i can talk freely. i like that feeling.

afters, left to go to bangsar, where i parked and kurt drove us to midvalley. i like kurt. he made us each a sandwhich. we brought him krispy kremes in exchange though.

the white tie affair is almost completely downloaded. i’m so addicted to their music at the moment.

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first day of freedom

June 12, 2009 at 3:12 am (being organized, books, holidays, music)

this morning, for the first time in a while, my alarm did not wake me up at 7 a.m.
i did not have to drag myself out of bed, only to have a day full of studying to look forward to.
i did not only get three hours of sleep as usual because i was making nice with trigo.
instead, i slept at 3, because i was completely absorbed in drowned wednesday by garth nix. i woke up at 8, and happily went back to sleep, only to wake up an hour later because my system doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of sleeping in.
i’ve watched amazing race, csi, and right now, i’m watching the nba finals.

anyways, i have compiled a to-do list, to be completed before july 7th, which is when go back to usual rigours of college life. this list is to prevent me from becoming a complete slug.

to-do list:

1) reading! finish christopher paolini’s brisingr(which i’ve been putting off for  months), hawthorne’s the scarlet letter, dumas’s the three musketeers, stoker’s dracula, andersen’s the complete fairy tales, nix’s sir thursday, larkin’s whitsun weddings and hosseini’s the kite runner

2) complete a 1000 piece puzzle (w/ charlie)

3) bake (w/charlie)

4) learn how to play guitar. or at least, how to make acceptable, non – earbleeding inducing sounds. but first, charlie must tune my guitar

5) new series’! i’m thinking big bang theory, numb3rs, and leverage

6) volunteer at paws/spca/zoo 

7) go on a gnome hunt (w/charlie)

8) sleepover with alyssa!

9) afs interviews/ afs alumni camp

10) maybe get a job. maybe

11) genting/langkawi holiday

12) lunch/dinner with people i have shamelessly neglected

13) new music new music new music

14) picnic. themed picnic. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN

15) review next term’s work. seriously. i’d really rather not be overwhelmed

16) spend one whole day in midvalley, so that i will finally know where everything is, and therefore not have to resort to calling people, whining about how i’m lost

17) pimp my pool skills. try to not suck so much at bowling

i’m sure there are things that i have forgotten, but i will add them to the list as i see fit.
must go find some sort of breakfast at this hour. there is no food in my house. meeh.

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