manchester united vs malaysia

July 18, 2009 at 2:46 pm (sports)

i have been crossing off days for this event!
ok, so i’m not really a hardcore football fan. i will not slash you with a broken beer bottle if you talk shit about my favourite team. i actually don’t even have a favourite team. my criteria for favourite team used to be the one with the hottest guys, but meeh, i’m over that phase of my life. especially once i realised the team with the hot guys kinda sucked.

we got there at 3 p.m. (kick off time was at 5.30) and basically had to shove/squeeze our way through. the crowd was insane. and loud.

have i mentioned how boring waiting is? because it is. waiting is boring.



i took pictures of everything around me to kill time. there was this one fail sign that read ‘CHRISTIANO RONALDO WHO?’ there is no ‘h’ in cristiano, friend.

and then the band came on!

they were from some maktab, or st. john’s school – something like that. i heard both mentioned and a band played at half time too, so maybe there were two bands.

the teams came out to do warm ups after, and the crowd was very appreciative.

the atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying. everyone was pumped up,lots of joking and laughter. lots of booing too, mainly aimed at the select few who inexplainably showed up in barcelona, arsenal and liverpool jerseys. either they had nothing else to wear (which is stupid, because anything else would have been better)  or they wanted to cause controversy and gain attention.
in that case, well played.

i shall summarize the game because describing it in detail will bore me, and subsequantly, bore you too.
rooney scored the opening goal, with nani adding a second a little bit later. nani proceeded to celebrate with his trademark somersault.
to everyone’s surprise, and delight too i’d like to think, malaysia’s no.17 scored just before half time ended.
and he scored again in the second half. i’m so sorry i don’t know your name no.17, especially since you were pretty much malaysia’s hero today.
owen came on as a substitute and scored a third goal for manchester bringing the end score to 3-2. and then i went home, all sweaty and grimy, but completely entertained.

honestly, i think manchester, like chin hong said, underestimated malaysia a lot. both teams came in knowing who was the better team. manchester responded by letting their guard down, and malaysia responded by fighting tooth and nail.
i think it helped that our goalkeeper, farizal, was amazing. at least, i think he was. he saved some really good goals.
i was so proud of malaysia. so, so proud.

i also loved how though 3/4 of the crowd showed up sporting manchester jerseys, everyone went crazy when they saw that malaysia was putting up a decent fight.
appreciate the home team, yo.

as usual, there were the expected group of idiots to bear. i call them the ‘wahlao! boys’ and they were seated right in front of us.
god, they were annoying.
for one thing, they were completely pro man u, which is fine. i mean, don’t support your home team, whatever. no one likes you anyways. but you don’t have to criticise their every moves. also, i love how they termed malaysia’s good playing as ‘luck’. yes, of course. that must be it. we can’t possibly have actualy talent now, can we?
also, their favourite phrase was – can you guess it – WAHLAO. omg. they said it so often, often one sentence would be made up of three wahlaos. i sort of wanted to kick one of the guys, and say, ‘wahlao! shut up la.’
i didn’t though. self-restraint, i epitomise.
OWENNNNNNNNNNNNNN. i like. i like very much.

blurry picture of everyone making nice when the match ended.

so tired now. must sleep. charity boot sale tomorrow!


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manchester united training

July 17, 2009 at 3:48 pm (coversations, friends, sports)

i’ve been looking forward to today/tomorrow for over a month now. but first, i must blog about someone who is agak penting.

this is grandmaster jit yang (also known as baby boy but i would not advocate you calling him that unless you’re in the mood to be slapped around)
jit is an awesome person, so well-mannered and best of all, witty! he is also the nicest guy i know, and is always ready to ferry me around anywhere. seriously, anywhere. and anytime i want, too. also, he trusts me with his coins. and no, that is not a euphemism for anything. i literally mean coins – ten cents, fifty cents. OH, and he didn’t let me wait alone for chin hong to arrive today. thanks jit. i mean, grandmaster jit.

so, today was the manchester united training session at bukit jalil stadium. hong and i got there around two-ish, and managed to get pretty decent seats. except, we got kicked out of those because we weren’t vip holders, but then we found higher seats, that had a better vantage point and more air flow. it was so bloody humid, so air flow was muchly appreciated.
and so we waited. and waited. and waited. every time i was convinced an hour had passed at the very least, i would glance at my phone and see that it had only been ten minutes.
waiting around is so tiring.
which was why i was so excited when the malaysian team walked out, each attached to a little kid.
to be honest, i didn’t even know we’d be watching them train as well.
i apologise for the suck quality of my pictures. i’m stuck with my lame 5 megapixel camera, which has the tendency to die on me at the most crucial moments =(
and the haze doesn’t help either.

i thought the crowd was unduly harsh on the malaysian team. we all know that malaysia is not on the same playing field as man u, so give them a break already. they’re trying. and maybe us malaysians should do the same. tearing something down is not the way to build it up.

half the fun of football? being stuck amid a plethora of critics – mostly guys – all of whom obviously know how to play better than any other player on the field.
‘the malaysians ah, they got no chemistry. they’ve got the physics down, but no chemistry.’
‘they cannot control high ball. low is ok. once it’s high, they cannot already.’
i rolled my eyes so often, they hurt.
so glad hong isn’t stupid like that.

the malaysian team then left to the sounds of rousing cheers, and once again, we were back to waiting.
it was pretty easy to figure out which entrance the man u players were coming out from, because they had the oh so subtle fru officers lining the entrance.
at one point, one side of the stadium erupted in cheers, and we all excitedly looked over…only to see two red clad caucasians walk out. with video cameras.
me: are they cheering for the media?
hong: i guess so.
me: they thought they were the players because they’re white guys clad in
hong: malaysia what. what do you expect?

finally though,


the man u players were a real class of the own, very gracious to the audience, probably also really freaked out by the screams their stretching prompted.
i woul comment on their footie skills, but really, what do i know about that?

i do know that watching them was fun.

best thing about today? seeing MICHAEL OWEN
i didn’t get a good picture of him (because i was too busy oogling) but he was as aesthetically pleasing as i remember him being.

he was my first football crush. i was 12, i think and i saw him in the papers, and that was it really. i’ve had many football crushes since, but you kow what they say, you never forget your first crush.
owen made me go ‘david beckwho?’
so excited that he’s at man u now.
so excited about the game tomorrow.

it’s nice to be excited about things again.

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