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June 22, 2009 at 10:25 am (food, holidays, music, theatre)

long, long post, because i’ve been busy trying to complete the list. before exams ended, 3 weeks sounded like a lot of time to live life. fast forward one week, and i realise that it’s really not.  

friday night
dinner with alyssa at the apartment. food was good, but the lack of lighting confused us. and when i say lack of lighting, i mean that there were no lights where we were seated. it was so dim, that when they gave us the comment card, i stuck it right in front of my face, at an angle, just to figure out what was written on it.
we wrote ‘where are the lights?’ on the comment card, just in case they thought we were squinting for fun, and therefore missed the point that more lights were needed.
adjourned to laundry for drinks and the usual catch up, and polaroid photos.

on our ay back to the car, we were wayliad by the manager of the apartment, who gave us his number and told us to call him the next time we were there to get a discount.
his name was barney. hello barney!
made a midnight stop at seven eleven for a sharpie to decorate the ploaroid shots. have now decided to carry the sharpie with me everywhere to draw on unsuspecting people, and in case random chances of vandalisme presents itself.

saturday afternoon
caught the play ‘rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead’ at kl pac, featuring jityangtung. jit was one of the lead’s and was extremo funny. yes, i’m flaunting my talented acquaintances in everyones face.
we took pictures, but they were polaroids, and no, i still have not learned how to operate my scanner.
also, jit got teased by his entire cast because well, he was surrounded by 4 girls. which if you ask me, isn’t really tease-worthy. more like envy-worthy.
father’s day dinner at las carritas. the appetizers we ordered, poppers i think they were called, which was basically fired jalapenos were brilliant. also, i quite enjoyed my chimichanga, though i had to add liberal amounts of habanero tobasco before it satiated my need for spiciness.

volunteer briefing for the standard chartered marathon. will be on duty saturday and sunday.

spent half the morning at help sorting out the a-voice. then back to charlie’s for chocolate, and guitar lessons. also, learned about lemmings the game. go look it up for some mindless but completely addictive fun.
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