first day of freedom

June 12, 2009 at 3:12 am (being organized, books, holidays, music)

this morning, for the first time in a while, my alarm did not wake me up at 7 a.m.
i did not have to drag myself out of bed, only to have a day full of studying to look forward to.
i did not only get three hours of sleep as usual because i was making nice with trigo.
instead, i slept at 3, because i was completely absorbed in drowned wednesday by garth nix. i woke up at 8, and happily went back to sleep, only to wake up an hour later because my system doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept of sleeping in.
i’ve watched amazing race, csi, and right now, i’m watching the nba finals.

anyways, i have compiled a to-do list, to be completed before july 7th, which is when go back to usual rigours of college life. this list is to prevent me from becoming a complete slug.

to-do list:

1) reading! finish christopher paolini’s brisingr(which i’ve been putting off for  months), hawthorne’s the scarlet letter, dumas’s the three musketeers, stoker’s dracula, andersen’s the complete fairy tales, nix’s sir thursday, larkin’s whitsun weddings and hosseini’s the kite runner

2) complete a 1000 piece puzzle (w/ charlie)

3) bake (w/charlie)

4) learn how to play guitar. or at least, how to make acceptable, non – earbleeding inducing sounds. but first, charlie must tune my guitar

5) new series’! i’m thinking big bang theory, numb3rs, and leverage

6) volunteer at paws/spca/zoo 

7) go on a gnome hunt (w/charlie)

8) sleepover with alyssa!

9) afs interviews/ afs alumni camp

10) maybe get a job. maybe

11) genting/langkawi holiday

12) lunch/dinner with people i have shamelessly neglected

13) new music new music new music

14) picnic. themed picnic. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN

15) review next term’s work. seriously. i’d really rather not be overwhelmed

16) spend one whole day in midvalley, so that i will finally know where everything is, and therefore not have to resort to calling people, whining about how i’m lost

17) pimp my pool skills. try to not suck so much at bowling

i’m sure there are things that i have forgotten, but i will add them to the list as i see fit.
must go find some sort of breakfast at this hour. there is no food in my house. meeh.

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